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Running track is my sporting passion, but 1 lap around (400m) is far enough for me.

Back at the Track a Little Early

I was planning a 3 week break after Australian Masters, but it was such a nice day and the body felt good, so I went down to the local track for a tempo session of 2 * 10 * 100m. The ones I timed were all around 16.2 – 17.1 seconds. The grass was in much better condition than a couple of months ago, so I even did the second set in bare feet.

It felt good so I will likely do another tempo session this Sunday and start the sprint work next week.

Australian Masters Championships 2019 in Melbourne

So after my first Stawell Gift experience it was a drive back to Melbourne and 4 days rest to get ready for Australian Masters T&F Championships at Lakeside Stadium in Melbourne. I needed some rest to recover from Stawell runs but more from the driving. My right hamstring did not enjoy the drives in and out of Stawell plus stop and start drive into Melbourne due to the traffic on the last day of their school holidays.

The way the meet had been arranged, with all the sprints and relays in 3 days, I was potentially looking at 11 races. Heats & finals in the 60, 100, 200 & 400, a 4 * 100 & 4 * 400 relay plus the sprint champions final if I could make it.  Luckily this was the last meet of the season.

Not only were the number of competitors very good in the M45 age group (28 entered for the 100m) but the standard was high as well. The body held up well but I did take the conservative decision to drop the 400m and save myself for later races. Unfortunately the warm weather disappeared and we had mid teens temps during the day with cold winds and occasional rain. At least the winds were tail.

The meet was well organised with events pretty much to time. The live streaming was great and the post race interviews were a nice touch. The standard of competition across the ages was really high and sometimes it was just fun to sit in the stands and watch. Full results at http://www.australianmastersathletics.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Results-Booklet-FINAL-with-pentathlons_compressed.pdf


100m Heat1st 11.83 (0.9)
100m Final1st 11.37 (3.2)
60m Heat2nd 7.73 (2.6)
60m Final1st 7.37 (1.0) AMA Champ and NSW M45 Record
200m Heat1st 24.38 (1.4)
200m Final1st 23.07 (NWI)
Sprint Champions (off 8.5m)3rd 10.63 (1.5)
4 * 100m M120+1st 46.28
4 * 400m M120+2nd 3:54.13 NSW Record
Event Results from AMA 2019 in Melbourne

Event Videos

I was very happy with my results, but I was still want a win in the sprint champions race. It was a great way to finish what had been a good summer.  But now it’s time for a break and then start thinking about the next summer and Toronto 2020.

Finally Made it to the Stawell Gift

So after many years of talk I finally made it to the Stawell Gift carnival in Western Victoria. The timing worked out with AMA champs in Melbourne the following weekend so it was now or never. The only downside was all accommodation in Stawell was booked out so we ended up staying too far away in a little town called Avoca with a 2hr daily return trip.

Flying into Melbourne I notice how dry it was compared to previous visits. Western Victoria was far worse. Drought has really got a hold there. Somehow the track at Central Park, Stawell was in amazing condition.

I didn’t hold out any hope of success at Stawell as this was my first meet through VAL and was given the standard over 35 handicap in the Stawell Gift and back marks in both my Masters heats.

Main gift I was off 8m with race favourite 2 lanes away and 2m ahead of me. The ropes instead of lane marking is different to what I am used to and the lanes feel skinnier. Just for the novelty of being able to gamble on people I put down $2 on myself to win the gift at the pathetic odds of 50/1. At least the TAB had me at 100/1. I’m happy to say I didn’t run last in my heat and now I have run at the Stawell Gift.

Stawell Gift Heat 11

Soon after was the Masters 100m heats. Plenty of these as well. Off 4m I gave it a go but needed another 8-10 metres to catch all the front markers.

Stawell Masters 100m Heat 3

And that left me with the Masters 300m. 10 heats and only heat winners to the final. Off 10m I had plenty in front of me with the front marker of 88m and the rest of the heat reasonable spaced out. The hope was to get around a few down the back straight and see if I could get lucky with runs. Aggressive over conservative approach. It didn’t quite work out as I hoped getting caught 3 and 4 wide around the bend. That extra distance and starting hard meant that with 80m left I had nothing more. At least I got a nice mention in commentary.

Stawell Masters 300m Heat 7

Going to Stawell was a great experience and another tick on the bucket list. If I do manage to go again I would skip the main gift and run the restricted and masters races only. But next its a trip into Melbourne for Australian Masters.

Back In Training

Well it has been 12 weeks since Masters Nationals in Perth, and since then the spikes have been gathering dust under the bed. With Sacramento World masters, now just over 1 year away its time to get back on the training track. Not 100% sure I will be able to make the trip across the Pacific, but if there is a chance, I want to be as prepared as possible.
So traffic fighting trips back to Sylvania and Team Dooley are back on.

WMG 2009 Wrap Up

Well the World Masters Games is over, and sadly for myself I finished with no medals. At least I made the 100m and 200m finals, but in both cases finished 4th. Lack of preparation told in both finals. But hey, others put in the work and got the result. Because of the event timetabling, most of the short sprinters (including myself) dropped out of the 400m. Maybe this was a mistake.

Organisation of the meet was a bit chaotic. Communication between officals and non English speakers caused trouble, and some groups of athletes seemed to have difficulty understanding the need to queue at check in.

My Results

Heat: 11.35 (+1.0) 2nd.
Final: 11.49 (+0.5) 4th.
Heat: 23.58 (+0.5) 3rd.
Final: 23.32 (NWI) 4th.
Heat: DNS.

YouTube has video of the 200m final. I am 2nd from the inside.

I am inspired to give it a real shot over the coming summer.

Accreditation done for WMG

I made the trip this morning to Sydney Olympic Park to pick up my accreditation for the World Masters Games. A reasonably quick process though by the time I left the lines had lengthened considerably, and I am told there was a significant waiting time yesterday evening.

So what is in the goody bag (back pack)? The expected guide to Sydney, a guide to the games and some of the social events planned around the WMG. Interesting the bag contained a tube of toothpaste. Where is the toothbrush??

There has been some minor adjustment to my competition schedule with the 100m heats now on 12:12 this Sunday. The check in times are interesting. For an scheduled event before midday, check in is the previous day, or Tuesday for Thursday events (Wednesday is a rest day). After midday then check in is 2 hours prior. A call room is operating and the time is 25 minutes prior for most track events.
Competition is a bit of an unknown, as of the almost 30 Australians listed for the 100m, I only recognise about 5 names, and there are half a dozen from overseas.

The weather in Sydney has not improved. Still very windy and cooler than expected this time of year. Expected to improve from Saturday according to forecasts.

Let’s see what happens on Sunday.

Getting ready for World Masters Games

Track & Field at the World Masters Games in Sydney starts in a few days. My first event is on Sunday with the 100m. The field sizes are quite reasonable with around 35 entered for the sprints in my age group (M35). This means that the 100, 200 & 400m are all scheduled for heats, semis and finals. Multiple rounds of the 100m is ok, but 3 400’s within 24 hours is not something I am looking forward to. Back in April I was fit and running really well, but work commitments and excessive traveling time to my training group, has meant I have done very little training since then.

Hopefully the weather improves from the rain we have had in the last few days.

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