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Running track is my sporting passion, but 1 lap around (400m) is far enough for me.

Training Nov 1 – 7, 2021

Week 10 – Summary.

  • Happy with first races but they did knock me about. Still plenty to work on.
  • Need at least 1 session on synthetic per week
  • Looks like more races at end of month
  • Sleep better this week, weight not so

Resting HR (week avg): 53

Weight: 90.0 kg (+0.5)

Sleep: > 6.5 hours on 5 of 7 nights

Track sessions: 4 / 5

November 1 (Monday)

Track rest day

November 2

Track night at Mingara. Times will not be totally accurate as using whistle or shouted go with the gun to start races. Tailwind for the 60s that dropped as the evening went on.

60m (7.40). Ignore time as there was a break and I followed. Not called back and did not push through to the line.

60m (7.40) was a bit sluggish off the start.

200m (23.45) was good. Lane 6. Conservative early and tried to ignore Tyler Gunn who was lane inside me and went past me pretty quickly. Picked it up down the straight to catch the inside runner who had passed me early in the straight.

November 3

A bit sore today after races last night.

Tempo at Adcock. 2 * 8 * 100. Done with exercises as part of each rep rest (crunches, push ups, reverse crunches, squats), so each gets done twice in a set. Untimed runs and slower than usual tempo 100s. First set 10 crunches, others 5 reps. 2nd set all 10s.

November 4

Rained out but may have skipped doing a hard workout anyway today. Still feeling the effects of Tuesday night.

November 5

Speed at Adcock. Tailwind which was switching to the side. 4 * flying 20 with 30m acceleration every 3:00; 3 * flying 30 with 30m acceleration every 3:30.

4 * med ball (back to 3kg) circuit with push ups (14, 14, 14, 15) 1:30 rest.

November 6

Track rest day

November 7

Tempo at Adcock. Light rain after the third rep. 200m. 32.3, 33.3, 33.4, 34.0; 31.5, 32.4, 31.9; 26.4 (after 5 min rest and with 3 members of a training group doing their last intensive tempo rep).

Training Sep 13 – 19, 2021

Week 3 – Summary.

  • More of a struggle this week. Sleeping needs to be better, not skip those off track workouts, stop the snacks creeping back in and bloody hay fever.
  • Having to be careful at track. Cross fit athletes dropping heavy dumbbells in running areas.

Resting HR (week avg): 57

Weight: 88 kg (-0.5)

Sleep: > 6.5 hours on 3 of 7 nights

Track sessions: 4 / 5

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Training Sep 6 – 12, 2021

Week 2 – Summary.

  • First full week of training. Body is adapting and most later runs in sessions not as good as the start. Next week will pretty much repeat this week. Still focussing on trying to get the left arm actually swinging back. It will take time.
  • Eating has been on track most days. A couple of stressful work days and the kitchen less than 10m away can make this difficult.
  • Reading as much as I can around recovery.
  • Has been encouraging to hear many other masters athletes from Central Coast and surrounds inspired to get their training going.

Resting HR (week avg): 59

Weight: 88.5 kg (-1.5)

Sleep: > 6.5 hours on 5 of 7 nights

Track sessions: 5 / 5

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