I have let this site slide. Not just in new content but also keeping the site up to date with new versions of WordPress etc.

My history with WordPress goes back a long way. I have built both commercial and non commercial sites with it. Developed plugins and themes, and helped many others get sites up and running. These days I am a lot less hands on and my contact with what has been happening in the WP world has declined.

With all the angst over Gutenberg and WP 5.0 I left this and a couple of other sites on WP 4.9.x. I have been getting questions over the new editor from some non technical site admins who had hit the update button and been confused and frustrated by the changes they found. So it was time to catch up given 5.2 is now out. Gutenberg is fine. It’s a little different but pretty functional. I’m yet to see massive advantages or disadvantages of it.

What I have been underwhelmed by is the Twenty Nineteen theme. I have nothing against minimalism but this theme just leaves me cold. Lacks customisation, and some of the fonts and the footer. Hmmm. Maybe I need to use more imagery and it will look better. More likely I will go find something else.

I’m even a little tempted to see what else is out there in CMS land.

UPDATE 18/5: I ended up switching to the Hemingway theme.