As a follow up to the recent post about the picoshot upgrade, I thought I would put down some observations about the spread of usage of picoshot around the globe in different languages.

The small amount of publicity about picoshot was all done in English, and on English languages sites. Initially the traffic was coming from Australia, USA, Canada etc, as might be expected.

A number of French language blogs, gave the service a write up (or so Babel Fish tells me, as I don’t read or write French). This was followed a couple of days later by lots of traffic initially from Spain, but then also other Spanish speaking countries, such as Mexico and Argentina. (I have a very basic ability to read Spanish). A third wave of traffic followed from Italy in the following days.

I have been hesitant to post comments on these non English language blogs, as I would have to post in English, and consider this almost rude. Native English speakers (such as myself) are probably missing out on some great ideas and feedback because of our general reliance on a single language, when technical people from many non English speaking countries can skilfully handle 2 or more languages.

UPDATE: the picoshot service has been sold and has new management.