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WordPress Custom Post Types

WordPress is best known as a blogging engine, but new features in recent releases and the ability of plugins to add functionality have made WordPress a viable CMS (Content Management System) for sites.

WordPress 3.0 added ‘custom post types’ which allows a developer to define new types of content in addition to the 5 inbuilt types. No longer will posts or pages need to be twisted into shape by use of custom fields or lots of PHP coding. Don’t let the name ‘custom post types’ have you believe the new content is just an extension to WordPress posts. The more correct title is ‘custom content types’.

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Sometimes Simplicity is the Answer

I really like the bubble image, and thought it would make a great background for a WordPress theme, but in reality it was too big, and made the initial page load too slow. So I have replaced the theme for this blog, with a theme called Modern Clix by Rodrigo Galindez. Beautiful typography and plenty of white space. Pretty much the opposite of what I had created.

But I Still love WordPress

The other day I had a whinge about WP security updates & releases. This post was written after I had just spent valuable time updated a number of WP sites I maintain.
Now I have that out of my system here are the reasons I use WP more and more:

  • Not just a blog tool, but a legitimate small-medium CMS
  • Large and knowledgeable support community
  • A huge and vibrant community of themes and plugins
  • FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) all the way

I have recently moved 2 more sites to WP, and both are better for it:

  • Girraween Athletics from Joomla
  • devReview from custom code

When I next need to put together a site with content management type capabilities I will likely use WP again over alternatives I have tried.

Another WordPress Update

WordPress has released version 2.2.1. This means another round of updates for sites running older versions that I maintain. This one has security fixes so is a must.
These WordPress updates are starting to get to me. There have been too many in the last 12 months and security fixes have been in most.
And it seems WordPress themes are now a bigger part of the problem.

Ok, whinge over.

Minor frustrations of IT

You would love to be doing great new and interesting things with all of your working day, but sometimes the boring and mechanical need to be done as well. WordPress release version 2.06 last week, so I upgraded the various sites I have responsibility for. Its not an exciting job, but better than falling prey to security issues. However it is a frustration to do it all again so soon after for 2.07.
Now what was that great idea I was working on.

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