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5 Free Software PHP Issue Trackers

If you are using version control in your development, your team or self is most likely wanting to use an issue or bug tracker for your development. There are alternatives to a dedicated product like whiteboards, spreadsheets, email folders or a super memory. However for this article we will compare dedicated issue trackers, and to be more specific, 5 PHP based trackers that are released as free and open source software.
All evaluation was done using PHP5.2.6 on Apache 2.2.9, MySQL 5.0.67. Continue reading

Searching FOSS project management software

I have begun the search for a software application to manage project tracking and collaboration. It will need to be browser based so I can have it used internally and externally for Aura Media. Using PHP as the scripting language is the preference as that is what I am most comfortable with, but I am not against a solution that used Python or Ruby. The last requirement is a free and open source license.

In the past I have been a happy Mantis user for bug and issue tracking. So much that I have installed it in a few client sites. However now I want a broader product that includes time tracking and more collaboration features. Also Mantis is showing its age in a visual sense, and this can put off less technical users. Project tracking is the aim, not project planning with features like gannt charts.

In the past I did look at ActiveCollab, but they changed their license, and Streber, but it was immature and moving in a more wiki direction.

My current investigation list is:

Open to any other suggestions.

punBB and Mantis bridge

Today we released our first version of a bridge for punbb forum and Mantis issue tracking software. Both are GPL and so naturally is this bridge. It allows the use of a single sign on to both systems, and password changes are synced.

UPDATE June 2010: This bridge is no longer maintained, as I have long stopped using punBB. Now that its successor fluxBB has launched a new version, I may be tempted to reexamine the code in the future.

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