Week 28 – Summary.

  • Rain still impacting track training and not doing alternative work. Less of an issue with meet on weekend

Resting HR (week avg): 54

Weight: 90.5 kg (+0.5)

Sleep: > 6.5 hours on 1 of 7 nights

Track sessions: 3 / 5

March 7 (Monday)

Rest day

March 8

Could not make it to Mingara and Adcock still waterlogged

March 9

Missed tempo

March 10

Mingara. Sunshine.

  • 4 * block starts. Last was the best with the first stride but stumbling on 2nd.
  • 2 * 60m off a few steps roll in with full recovery

March 11

Rest day

March 12

Adcock. No water on track but still pretty soft in places.

Standard warm up plus a 60m at 90%

March 13

ANSW Masters Athletics Championships. Skipped the 100m on Saturday.

SOAPC Warm up track.

60m. 7.39 (0.0). Australian record. Straight final at 10am. Good start and run. From video still too upright in the run.

200m. 23.24 (0.0). Missed Australian record of 23.10. Straight final. From lane 1. Another good start and bend. Accelerated off bend and only lost form in the last 10-20 metres.