Week 24 – Summary.

  • Missed some training days.
  • Disappointed with the 100m on Saturday

Resting HR (week avg): 52

Weight: 89.5 kg (-0.5)

Sleep: > 6.5 hours on 3 of 7 nights

Track sessions: 3 / 5

February 7

Rest day

February 8

On the road all day so could not train.

February 9

Another wet day so did not do tempo.

February 10

Mingara. Nice afternoon to run.

6 * block starts. Work on positioning and first steps to set up the race. More work needed to get the parts together with the chest forward and not down.

2 * flying 20m, 2 * flying 30m. All from 30m build up.

February 11

Rest day

February 12

Illawong. Decided to go even though weather forecast not the best.

100m – 11.87 (+0.0). 7th of 9. Wet track but not raining at the start. Held in set for a while. Not getting into a good straight position. Bent at the hip. Once up accelerated ok. Fell apart in the last 20m.

200m – 23.67 (+0.2). 4th of 6. Lane 8. Waited in rain while heats organised. On the first start the gun did not fire. Started and accelerated ok. Reaccelerated off the bend. Struggled in the last 40-50 metres.

February 13

Generally sore after racing and driving yesterday.

Adcock. Track soft after overnight rain and more during the warm up.

Tempo 200s. 32.6, 33.3, 33.5, 33.7.