15 Years of KDE

KDE Official LogoIt is coming on 15 years since the original announcement for KDE. For most of my time using Linux KDE has been my preferred desktop environment and still is today.
The first time I saw KDE was in about 1998/9 when I installed Mandrake on my aging Windows PC. It took a few years before KDE/Linux became my default environment and then I did head to Gnome land around KDE4/4.1. But that is history.
Today I run Kubuntu not only for personal use but also business and software development. By the weekend it will be Kubuntu 11.10 with KDE 4.7.2.
And should I go down the tablet route, KDE might have me covered with Plasma Active.

And the Rest

Up and running with Kubuntu

Over the years I have tried a number of Linux distributions: Redhat, Mandrake/driva, suse. All had their pluses and minuses, with my preference generally for Mandrake.

Last year when I changed to a Dell laptop as my primary work computer, I again set up a dual boot system. This I didn’t enjoy so much. Many frustrating hours when there are other things to be done. Redhat Fedora 3 & 4 annoyed me no end, getting info about Mandriva was a pain, so I settled with opensuse. Some config on my part but relatively smooth and it did the job with minor quirks.

During this time I had never tried a Debian based system, but I was hearing so many good things about Ubuntu I had to give it a try. I have always had a personal preference for KDE over GNOME, so I went for the sibling Kubuntu. Download the iso file, burn it to disc, and start the install. 6 steps and I was up and running. This I found scary. No extra config or hunting the internet for drivers. System updating was simple, and it just works. I am sure there are issues I haven’t hit yet, but they should be small. If K/ubuntu keeps this up I may just use it on the server.