And the Rest

Site Rebuild

For a while I have had 2 blogs, but both have been very quiet. Time to rectify this, so I am merging the personal site into the business / software development one, here at

Things will be a bit messy for the time being, but that is better than nothing at all.

Software Development

But I Still love WordPress

The other day I had a whinge about WP security updates & releases. This post was written after I had just spent valuable time updated a number of WP sites I maintain.
Now I have that out of my system here are the reasons I use WP more and more:

  • Not just a blog tool, but a legitimate small-medium CMS
  • Large and knowledgeable support community
  • A huge and vibrant community of themes and plugins
  • FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) all the way

I have recently moved 2 more sites to WP, and both are better for it:

  • Girraween Athletics from Joomla
  • devReview from custom code

When I next need to put together a site with content management type capabilities I will likely use WP again over alternatives I have tried.

And the Rest


Welcome to the blog. This will contain my random thoughts and hopefully helpful suggestions on the broad development world. Links to useful sites, code and maybe even a book review. Time will tell. Feel free to comment or even disagree, but with the aim of readers and posters gaining something useful.