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Does every php developer have their own framework?

I have tried a few php frameworks over the years, sometimes with a positive experience, sometimes not. But the sheer number of them still amazes me. I had an original list of 22 for this site, and when we upgraded a few were culled off as they seemed to be dormant. However on a regular basis I am contacted about a framework that I didn’t know existed, or come across it by chance. Also a number seem to have stopped development.

I will be updating the master list with the info below. Feel free to comment.
Frameworks to add:

Unsure of status:

Removed as dormant:


3 thoughts on “Does every php developer have their own framework?

  1. Al says:

    I thought Mojavi died years ago, and I have never heard of most of the others.

    Not sure about PHPLens as a framework.

    Keep up the list though I just use CakePHP.


  2. Marcos says:

    Mojavi was deprecated because its engine was used, along with Propel, to build the Symfony PHP Framework.
    PHPLens is not a framework, it’s a code/application/site generator.

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